Our Global Network

CE International's global reach includes professionals from all walks of life, all committed to providing access to a quality education for every child.

Country Leads

Urgent questions are being asked about every education system in every country around the world, and the most valuable perspective possible when addressing them comes from in-country leaders. Our more than 35 Country Leads are a cadre of volunteer education specialists in their respective nations, each of whom works diligently to address the most pressing challenges faced by their fellow citizens and others around the globe.

The CE International Country Lead network is a diverse team with broad experience, consisting of teachers, education administrators, university professors, representatives from both government and non-governmental organizations, consultants, and other education specialists.

UN Representation

CE International has actively engaged with the United Nations as a non-governmental organization (NGO) for over several decades. Since 1977, we have maintained consultative status with the UN through the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC); and in 2020, we became an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO (consultative status). With UN consultative status, CE International provides input on key education proposals, universal charters, and global goals.

CE International has UN Representatives based in New York, USA, and Geneva, Switzerland—the two main headquarters of the UN system.


Throughout the education sector, countless agents are working to address the myriad education challenges around the world, and CE International recognizes and actively pursues the benefits of working together. We maintain an active voice in sector conversations and policy development through our affiliations, explore project opportunities with strategic organization alliances, and frequently consult with our vast network of education specialists around the world.

Global Friends

Members of the CE International Global Friends network share a common vision for education with other Global Friends internationally by promoting messages of hope, peace, security and understanding through education. Becoming a Global Friend shows your support of our mission and through varying levels of membership, you can access our flagship publications and interact with our world-wide network.